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Home Renovations

Your dream renovation begins with a simple phone call to Bricon. The first meeting is an exciting one as company owner, Brian Walls, listens to exactly what you want. His mind will work continuously as he moves throughout your home – he will be considering the home's character and flow. His remarkable creativity will undoubtedly yield new ideas for your consideration and you will be astounded by his ability to help you envision the new space. You will be well informed and inspired!

Brian admits that designing is one of the most enjoyable aspects of his job. He will work with you to capture your sense of style and blend with functionality to create a great design. Clients appreciate that he knows what will look good and often enjoy impromptu sketches to help them envision the final outcome.

Brian gets excited about creating new spaces with his customers and his excitement is contagious! Partnering with Bricon ensures a fun and fascinating process.

Brian is involved with all jobs from start to finish and works hands-on at every site. Customer interaction during the process is crucial. Bricon strives to provide total satisfaction, and endeavours to exceed customer expectations by providing unparalleled service and quality. Standards are set extremely high and Brian keeps an ever-watchful eye on the process, treating every job as if he was working on his own home.

That dedication to quality is reflected not only in Brian's choice of employees, but also in his sub-trades. He takes a tremendous amount of pride in the quality of the trades people he employs. He is willing to absorb the price of great quality because this is your home and Brian refuses to cut corners. You will love that he demands more from his sub-trades than you would. This kind of work environment, where perfection and excellence are demanded, has led to extreme customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Planning Your Renovation

  • Make a Wish List.
    In one column, put your wants. In the other, your needs. That way, when faced with tough choices down the line, you'll have a clearer picture of your priorities - what has to happen now and what can wait. (A second bathroom upstairs might be a must; a stainless steel Viking range, maybe not so much.)
  • Determine your budget.
    Before you meet with a contractor or an architect, you'll need a ballpark estimate - then both of you will be able to talk honestly about what's possible. (It's a good idea to build some padding - at least 10-20% is recommended for all those unexpected "uh-ohs" and "might-as-wells" that will crop up.)
  • Consult the calendar.
    What is your timeline for the renovation? If you want the living room done for, say, Abby's graduation party, don't wait until spring to start talking about it. Likewise, you won't want to install a new roof when winter is looming or schedule any major demolition a month before hosting a party.

Tips for Working with Contractors:

  • Check references. Try to hire someone who has great references or has done work for someone you know. Don't be afraid to talk money. Make sure your contractor knows what your maximum is.
  • Be sure you understand how their billing process works. Negotiate a 10% hold-back into the contract upon completion of the job.
  • Be clear about whether you have a quote or an estimate. A quote is a firm commitment to do the job at that price.
  • Keep the lines of communication clear. Make one person responsible for conveying information to the contractor.
  • Discuss timing: Get a start date and estimated end date.
  • Insurance matters. Before you begin renovations make sure your home owner's policy covers you during the process for injury or damages.
  • Get everything in writing:
    • Name, phone number, email and address of your contractor.
    • A full description of the work contracted.
    • The cost of the renovation and the time period for payments.
    • Your contractor's warranty.
    • A copy of your contractor's business liability insurance certificate.
    • A letter of clearance from your province's Workers' Compensation program that confirms the registration of your contractor.
    • The Business/GST number of your contractor.

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